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The Legal Drug Dealer Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

Today, we are going to talk about Corona Virus again. As you all know, I am so passionate about it and have talked about this in the previous episode. And recently, I did my research again about Corona Virus. It's a lot of information that has been developed in the last six to seven months. I get that a lot of this information is very technical and it has a lot of concepts that are hard to understand that’s why I dedicated this episode to explain this information to you in a language that you will understand. And inform you more about what the virus is, how it works, how it happened and how we can prevent it, and what is the hope that we have for our lives after this virus.

What I discussed:

-3:20 What is the difference between SARS COV2 and COVID19

-3:57 How the virus spread so fast

-6:14 What is those little spikes in the virus and how do they work

-8:15 Why we get so sick

-8:47 How our immune system reacts to the virus and protect our body

-12:02 Why the doctors need to intubate you when you get so sick

-14:14 Why this virus is very dangerous for people who are older and people that have already health problems

-16:08 What is Viral load

-18:52 Ways to prevent getting the virus

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