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The Legal Drug Dealer Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

Today, we are going to talk about self-healing. As you all know, in today’s world and ways of medications, a lot of people are being programmed that we need to take this and that. That we need to maintain this kind of medication to heal our bodies. There are so many products and commercials right now which lead us to forget that our body does heal on its own. That the human body has a natural ability to repair itself.

What we talked about: 
  • 7:33 Self-healing is the process of your body putting yourself back together. And there are things that we do that we don’t realized is important to our self-healing. 
  • 9:46 All our body parts do self-healing even our solid organs that you think aren’t changeable like your bones, liver even your brains they move and regenerate all the time 
  • 10:27 The reason why the body gets sick while it’s healing itself
  • 18:00 Drugs are very very big business- billions and dollars in each individual’s medication
  • 22:44 Surgery and medication goes hand-in-hand to your self-healing. You don’t have to give-up medicines, you don’t have to give up your doctors, but you will be much healthier and everything you do will work better if you start working on your own self-healing
  • 23:28 The practice of self-healing
  • 27:54 Being bored is very important to your self-healing
  • 32:18 There’s a big misconception where when doctor talks about self-healing, somehow, the patients expect the doctor to do the self-healing for them. 
  • 34:15 Find a way to bring the feeling of feeling healthy back to being something that you do regularly to start the journey of your own self-healing 

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