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The Legal Drug Dealer Podcast

Mar 2, 2021

Last week, we talked about the Corona Virus, and today, we are going to talk about COVID-19 Vaccines, how it works, what it is that it does and how it will protect you from the virus.

As you all know, I already mentioned from the last episode that I already got the vaccine. And I want to share to you today my own experience about it and why I recommend that you get it too.

What I talked about:

-2:00 Different functions of the cells in your immune system 
-16:30 The creation of the vaccine
-18:12 How MRNA Vaccine works
-22:47 Why do we need a second dose of vaccine 
-31:17 Does the COVID-19 vaccine prevents us from getting the virus
-38:12 Vaccine side effects
-44:08 Physician, Pharmacists, and Scientists advise to people that have a weak immune system
-49:26 Anaphylactic reaction or severe allergic reaction to the virus

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