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The Legal Drug Dealer Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

If you were struggling to start 2020, the way you wanted, then this episode will be perfect for you.

As adults, we don't think that fear is part of our life anymore, that stuff is or kid, right? Well, WRONG!

There is A LOT of fears that we keep in our mind, from as far as childhood, and unfortunately, they could affect the rest of our lives. That is why I invited my Executive Coach to discuss it.

We did not only have fun but also we covered a lot of ground on this subject. 

Dr. Carla Michelle is an executive coach and a family therapist.

Among other stuff we talked about:

  • Motivation is a Motive with an Action
  • Confront your fears. You are missing out!
  • Communication is key, not just about a plan, but communicating your feelings and your emotions and relieving yourself of that stress, or those stressors that come with life.
  • Have a discovery call with you, and how we can how you see this event, being of service to you how I can be of service, and another therapist could be a service to you. We have coaching sessions.
  • Maybe the patient or the parent, who was the one that is battling the illness, be as transparent as you can and, allow time if you can for your children it's hard as it may be, to handle the truth that stops us from taking care, you know, of having the conversations, it's fear. 


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