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The Legal Drug Dealer Podcast

Feb 4, 2021

Today, we are going to talk about Alopecia or commonly knowns as hair loss. Johanna Dahlman is a Wellness Entrepreneur who is the author of Alopecia Angel. She helps others heal and reverse their alopecia through diet and lifestyle changes. And in today's episode, Johanna shares her insights on how to treat alopecia naturally and organically without using any pharmaceutical products. She also dives deep into what is alopecia and the root cause of it other than it is a hair loss condition.

Why you have to listen to this episode:
  • Learn what is really alopecia behind the knowledge that it is hair loss
  • How to reverse alopecia naturally and organically using no pharmaceuticals, no medicine, no drugs, all through diet and lifestyle.
  • Why taking a pill is not the solution for something like alopecia
What we talk about:
  • 2:34 - Johanna's own experience with alopecia
  • 7:24 - Why taking a pill is not the route to treat alopecia
  • 17:51 - Going through Alopecia as adults
  • 31:27 - Alopecia in pregnant women
  • 35:57 - Alopecia in a healthy person

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